I know how daunting the thought of actually setting up your first business can be. It can be difficult to know where to even begin, or maybe you’ve had an idea, but you’re not sure on how to take it on from there. I have set up three businesses since 2012, and for each one I have followed my own five step process to prepare me and to ensure that I’m starting up a business that will become a success.

By taking the time to fully prepare yourself before you launch your wedding business, you will be in a great position to know what you want from your new company and how you want it run, as well as knowing who your competition is and what kind of income goals you will be aiming for.

In this video, I outline my 5 steps for how I have taken each of my businesses from idea to reality. Each step will bring you a step closer to starting your business up 🙂

I have made you a printable worksheet to help you with your brainstorming and planning – get yours by filling in the form below the video!

Laura x