Doing unpaid work when starting up your wedding business

OK, so let’s be honest about this – NONE of us want to do unpaid work really, do we?! It’s simply not the point of starting a business, working for yourself and bringing in the money you need. However, the one time that I would recommend doing unpaid work is in the very early days when you are first setting up your wedding business. Getting a couple of unpaid jobs under your belt can give you some fantastic experience, photos for your portfolio, feedback and testimonials from your wedding clients, as well as potentially some wedding referrals! So you can see that the value that you can get from doing those early unpaid jobs can be huge – although not in terms of actual money.

So, use the opportunity to provide an INCREDIBLE service to your first two or three Clients who you provide your services for free of charge. Ensure that you check in with your Client to make sure they are happy for you to use photos for your portfolio at the outset (you do the work for free, but you do need something in return!), as you don’t want to run into any disagreements after the wedding about not being able to use photos! And make sure you get those testimonials and mentions on social media and to use on your website – this will make all the difference when it comes to wow-ing your future Wedding Clients and showing them how great you are at your work!

Good luck getting your first couple of unpaid jobs and use the experience to craft your future success! Check out the video below and  get your free printable by filling out the form below and I will send it straight across to you 🙂

Laura x