I know OH so well the temptation of wanting to create a business that offers loads of services that would appeal to lots of different types of people. Rewind five years and I was working in my first business which had started out as a Wedding Blog with a Directory. Sounds like a lovely straight forward business, right? Well it was – until I started adding in multiple income streams. I started running wedding fairs. Then I added in a Venue Finding service. And then a Supplier Finding Service. Before I knew it, I was also working on creating a sister brand to appeal to higher end weddings. The result? Complete and utter overwhelm and exhaustion for me – and not enough progress being made in any one of my business areas.

Focus on just one key offering

I learned a very big lesson in that business – Keep It Simple Sweetie – or KISS for short 🙂 By focussing on just ONE key offering and becoming amazing at that one thing, you will cover SO much more ground towards running a successful business. Once you have chosen your key service, focus JUST on that one thing until it becomes something that you are so well known for, that people are referring their friends to you and you become known as an expert. After all, your Wedding Clients are coming to you for your expertise in that one thing that they need your help with. Have they come to you for an incredible wedding cake? Give them that and excel all of their expectations 🙂

When you’re sitting down and actually coming up with ideas for what you can offer to your Clients, keeping things simple is going to be a winner for you. It will mean you can quickly package up your offering and get it out there, ready for potential Clients to book you. Rather than overcomplicating things, trying to offer too much and confusing both you and your potential clients.

Make it super clear what you are selling and your potential Clients will love you for it

Another area where the KISS acronym is going to help you so much is planning how you present yourself to future prospects – via your social media, website and how you come across in person such as when you’re exhibiting your company at wedding fairs. Don’t confuse or overwhelm potential Clients by offering them too many options – know what your packages or products are and find the best fit for that Client. It will make them feel at ease that you know what you are doing and that you are able to find the most suitable option for them.

Don’t overwhelm yourself by trying to excel on every social media platform

When planning out your social media activity, keeping things simple will help you to actually stick to  regular posting. Don’t try and excel on every single platform there is out there, just choose one or two which you are comfortable with (and where you know your potential clients are also active) and become really good at posting on those one or two. By all means post in other platforms too, but make one or two your priority to get really good at using regularly.

So how can you simplify your wedding business offering? Think about what you can trim down to ease the workload on yourself and to make it clearer to your potential Clients what you are an expert in 🙂 And if you need a hand with simplifying all the ideas in your head so that you can actually get your wedding business started, then check out the Kick Start Pack here.