Starting up a new business can be one of the most exciting and overwhelming things you will ever do! With so many things to think about and get done, sometimes I think it’s a wonder that people manage to launch a new business at all. But that’s where The List comes to the rescue! This is the way that I organise everything that I need to do to bring a business to life and get it up off the ground.

When I was an Event Manager back when I was an employee, writing up a List was the very first thing that I would do whenever I was assigned a new event to run. I would literally write down every single action point that I could think of that would enable me to run the event. And then by working through that list (and adding additional points to it almost constantly!), I would get to the point where the event was ready to be delivered. Sometimes that would mean pulling late nights at the office or working at the weekend, but it would always happen in time. Starting up a business is so similar. At first it seems like an unachievable feat, but by listing everything down that you need to do, and then working through that list and taking relentless action, you will get there!

Enjoy the video and your worksheet which I have made for you – just enter your details in the box below and I will send it straight across to you ready for you to use 🙂

Good luck with it and let me know how you get on!

Laura x