Wedding Business Names – How to name your company

One of my favourite parts of starting up a new wedding company is coming up with wedding business names 🙂 It’s so exciting to brainstorm and get all of your ideas out so that you can see what might work. It’s also a fantastic starting point for your wedding company branding. As you can see from one of my businesses here – the name literally became the logo, which then gave me direction for colours, fonts and the look and feel of the branding throughout my business.

Wedding Business Names

But coming up with wedding business names can be a major stumbling block in the early start up days. I find it best to not put too much pressure on yourself, as this can hold your creativity back. Instead, allow yourself the luxury of daydreaming about what your ideal wedding business is going to be like.

Follow my pointers below to help you with going through possible wedding business names

1.Think in detail about how you want the look and feel of your business to come across. Minimalist? Bold and bright? Sophisticated?

2. Who would be your dream clients? Think about those couples and how you would need your business to come across in order to appeal to them.

3. Have a look at other companies who offer the same service as you and check out their names. Odds are the variations will be HUGE, and that’s what makes this part of choosing wedding business names so much fun 🙂

4. Go onto a website domain name company such as or and start putting in some ideas – it will be great for you to see what ideas you have that are available to register as a .com website 🙂

5. Do your google checks to ensure that your wedding business names ideas haven’t already snapped up and equally do a check on trademarks to ensure that you are not infringing on another company’s property. In the UK, you can check on Companies House for free to see if a business name has been registered under a limited company. If it has, then you will not be allowed to use that name for your business.

6. Think about how your name will look potentially in a logo, on your website and in print. You want the name to preferably be memorable and not too long that it would be difficult to get into a logo.

So how to actually come up with wedding business names ideas?

OK, so this bit is really fun 🙂 Grab yourself a pen and a pad of paper and start brain dumping! I want you to literally write down every single idea that pops into your head. Remember – there are no bad ideas at this point, just starting points to help you to get to your final wedding business names decision!

Here are some prompts for you, in case you need some inspiration 🙂 Just fill in the blanks!

– The __________  __________ Company ie.:

– __________________ and Co. ie:

– ________________ and _________________ ie:

– House of ______________________ ie:

– Say what it is / What service you offer: i.e.:

– Take a line from a poem – ie:

– Your surname + Your service ie:

– An unusual descriptive word + Your service ie.:

– A colour + ________________ + Your service ie:

I hope that this has give you a good starting point! So grab yourself a cuppa or a glass of wine and get creative!

I would love to hear the name you have chosen for your Wedding Business – let me know over on Instagram or Facebook!

And once you’ve chosen the favourite pick of your wedding business names, it will be time to kick start your wedding business! Check out this awesome 6 part mini course to help you get your wedding business off to the best start – no faffing!

Laura x